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The Sirens are already making themselves heard in Homer's Odyssey. Sailors are defenseless against the seductive call of the demigodesses towards damage on the rocks

More than 2,800 years later, the call has never ceased to be silent for anyone, but amplified. 3000 times a day, sounds and images scream for our attention in an irresistible cacophony.

They lure our thoughts and emotions to family, friends, past love, happiness, anger, expectations, and memories.

We are human. We have senses. They make us eternally sensitive to the call of the Sirens.

                                                                                                             Ijsbrand van Veelen 2020


The Sirens premiered at BIGART 2020 .

Eight lenticular images combined into one 8 meter long image . Together with specific soundscapes generated by the LSS Location Sensitive Sound concept The Sirens is an interactive artpiece .

I started making the lenticulars after I cleaned up the house I grew up in . I had found some old black and white photo pocketbooks my father had saved and a box with plastic animals I probably played with myself . I started fiddling with reproductions I made combined with some of my own pictures. Slowly a series evolved .

combi DEFS small 01.jpg

It felt as if I was building memories of my youth. The time of my parents .With trips to Italy and Spain smelling the fumes from the garbage burnings along the road. Sitting in the back of the Volkswagen beetle watching the mediteranian landscapes passing by.


images and soundconcept by YANi

LSS  Location Sensitive Sound designed by

               Devin de Vries   muted technologies. com
               Bass Janson
Sound design by

               Nick Smith

set by Roland Mylanus


huge thank you's to : Adem Gunduz / Erno Das / Peggy Osinga / Silia Hollestelle / Peter Zeehandelaar /Ijsbrand van Veelen / Marije Stadegaard / Jules Bongers / Margriet Sjoerdsma /Krijn en Beer van Noortwijk / Paul Postma / Jools Verschuuren

NRC sirens.jpg
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