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What do we see?

   An ordinary photo suddenly becomes unique when we hear that it was taken, for instance, by Elvis.
Just like words in a sentence, the image also only gains meaning within a certain context.
We often think we already know what we see, while the story or meaning behind it turns out to be something completely different.

This photo series is a  playful attempt

to question  'what' we see.
   Kolosseum came to me as a vision, something I had dreamed about .

I imagined that long time ago there was a museum with very high ceilings and arch shape doorways in the heart of Italy where all these huge statues where on display .

I imagined that there must have been a photographer that time to record it all .

Then I imagined that years later I would walk around a small second hand market in Naples,Italy and bump into the negatives of this photographer ..

   After waking up I started building the images I had dreamed up  in the studio with my friend Roland Mylanus (art direction). After the pictures where taken and selected I thought it would be wonderful to see the pictures as etchings , photogravures . And Luc Brefeld was the master who prepped and printed the pictures.

The images are presented through The Kahmann Gallery

@ Haute Photography 2023

photogravure etching on 21x29 cm etching paper 

editions of 5 each with 2 AP prints.

il dettaglio  / the detail.                 13x16.5 cm on 21x29 cm  paper

l'uragano silenzioso/the silent tornado
                                                            13x16 cm on 21x29 cm  paper

la stanza intermedia/ the in between space                                                                                13x14 cm on 21x29 cm  paper


l'attesa  / the waiting                       13x14 cm on 21x29 cm  paper

KOLOSSEUM 05_YANi_edited.jpg

una bellezza  / a beauty                  13x15 cm on 21x29 cm  paper

KOLOSSEUM 07_YANi_edited.jpg

lo strand pensiero  / the strange thought                                                                                       13x16 cm on 21x29 cm  paper

KOLOSSEUM 04_YANi_edited.jpg

l'incontro inaspettato / the unexpected encounter                                                                      13x15 cm on 21x29 cm  paper

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